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GynZone Live keeps you updated on new developments and the latest research. We invite clinical experts to give a presentation on their field of expertise, with time for questions from participants. Revisit the presentations and debates in your own time.

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Meet the expert - upcoming September sessions in Danish

How is your tear?

Women-centered systematic screening of healing in a midwifery-led hospital clinic. Experiences from 2013-20. 300 clinical cases. Presentation and debate in Danish. Midwife PhD Sara Kindberg.

Inventing the Hegenberger Speculum

A new tool to improve perineal repair. From clinical challenges to practical problem solving. Presentation and debate in Danish, with midwife Inventor Malene Hegenberger

Life after an episiotomy

Listening to women - Episiotomies and their consequences up to 40 years later. Presentation and debate in Danish, with midwife Anthropologist Peggy Seehafer

Pelvic floor health - Myths and facts

All women know they should train. But how and how often? And what if the doctor says it's not good enough? Presentation and debate in Danish, with physiotherapist PhD Ulla Due