Ulla Due

GynZone Live proudly presents:
Ulla Due, Physiotherapist PhD

News from the front: Myths and facts about a healthy pelvic floor

Watch webinar recording (Danish language)

GynZone Live: Physiotherapist PhD Ulla Due

Ulla Due is the chairwoman for the Danish Society for Urologic, Gynecologic and Obstetric Physiotherapy (DUGOF)

All women will, during their lives, be told to remember their pelvic floor exercises.

Most women are in doubt about how, and how much to train.
And many women are told, by their family physician, that they are unable to squeeze sufficiently.

Watch the Danish webinar recording here

Ulla Due’s Danish presentation touches upon:

  • Myths and facts about a healthy pelvic floor
  • Does pelvic floor training during pregnancy lessen postpartum urinary incontinence?
  • Can you, and should you start training immediately after birth?
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation after obstetrical anal sphincter injury
  • What do we do if the woman is unhappy about her functional level?
  • What is the best rehabilitation program after a vaginal birth?
  • Sectio and pelvic floor: can the cesarean solve all problems?

Ulla Due is the expert behind GynZone’s app: Pelvic Floor Trainer. The app is used by 15.000 new mums every year.

Her PhD investigates “Lifestyle advice and pelvic floor muscle training for women with pelvic organ prolapse