Anne Mette Tonning

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Anne Mette Tonning, midwife

Webinar: Experiences with birth of the placenta in water

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Anne Mette Tonning, Homebirth midwife

Meet our GynZone Live Expert: Anne Mette Tonning, midwife

Webinar topic: Experiences with birth of the placenta in water

Meet midwife Anne Mette Tonning.

In this webinar, we will have the opportunity to hear about experiences from Region Zealand’s Home Birth Community.
More than half of all mothers in Region Zealand’s home birth services choose waterbirth, and the midwives thus have unique experiences with many waterbirths.

The home birth service is 100% tax-financed as a part of the Danish public healthcare system and offers a caseload midwifery model with a team of two midwives for each family

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