Malene Hegenberger

GynZone Live proudly presents:
Malene Hegenberger
Midwife and inventor

Optimal working conditions during perineal repair - how can we improve?

September 14th, 2021. Sign up here:
Danish presentation, 15 PM Central European Summer Time

English presentation, 17 PM Central European Summer Time

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Malene Hegenberger, CNM and inventor of the Hegenberger speculum

Speaker: Midwife Malene Hegenberger

Malene is the inventor of the Hegenberger Speculum and will present her tips on how to improve working conditions for perineal repair.

She has worked for 18 years as a midwife in Denmark, Norway, England, the US, and the Caribbean.

This free online workshop is specially designed for midwifery students, clinical instructors, and academic staff in birth units.

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Danish presentation, 15.00 PM Central European Summer Time
English presentation, 17.00 PM Central European Summer Time

In her presentation, Malene will touch upon:

  • Ergonomics and suggestions from occupational therapists
  • We will show different birthing beds and how to use them best
  • Birth at home or in a low-risk clinic. Then what? Tips and tricks
  • Insight from a nurse working in the operation theater

Tips and tricks for positioning the woman comfortably

  1. The bottom should be placed right at the edge of the bed
  2. The knees should direct outwards and upwards
  3. The bag and spin should be horizontal
  4. If possible, use the Trendelenburg position with pelvis tilted upwards


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