OASI repair

In the course on the repair of 3rd and 4th-degree obstetric lacerations, we cover the following steps
  • Pain relief, instruments, and diagnostics
  • EAS end-to-end technique
  • IAS end-to-end technique
  • Repair of the rectovaginal fascia
  • Continuous suturing and mixed-method
  • Button-hole rupture
  • Follow-up, healing, and precautions in subsequent births

Online medical courses:

Whether you are looking for an obstetrics course online or a gynecologist course online, we can help you with the surgical repair curriculum.

The procedures are demonstrated with animations, medical models, and clinical videos with patients.

“Recently I was called to suture a large perineal tear, and in 3 minutes I could brush up on the techniques on my way to the OR. GynZone helps me in my daily work as an OBGYN consultant”