Surgical skills

Suturing is a clinical skill, and it takes time and deliberate practice to learn and master. Instrument handling and knot-tying techniques should be perfected while training with medical models. Patients are for treatment – not for practice.

In the courses on Surgical Skills, we cover all the basics of wound closure and show you how to train at home in a safe, dry environment.

Learn about

  • Safe surgery principles
  • Suture material – get the right suture for the right tissue
  • Square knots and surgical knots
  • Self-locking knots
  • Interrupted stitches course
    • U-suture
    • Double U-suture
    • Buried stitches
    • Vertical mattress suture
    • Horizontal mattress suture
    • Traction suture
  • Continuous suture, visible and invisible stitches

Plus off course: wound healing, instrument handling, and a lots of clinical tips and tricks for your practice.

If you are looking for Nurse course online – we’ve got you covered on wound closure ?