Interrupted stitches

Interrupted stitches are great for precision work and for the repair of complicated lacerations

The course contains approx. 30 minutes of videos, and covers:

  • U-suture
  • Double U-suture
  • Inverted stitch / buried stitch
  • Vertical mattress suture
  • Horizontal mattress suture
  • Traction suture
With interrupted stitches, you can close wounds with high precision, in a step-by-step approach. As you will be tying a knot for each and every stitch, the technique takes more time and requires more suture material than continuous suturing. In our course Interrupted stitches, we walk you through the practical use of the individual types of stitches and help you train on a foam pad or medical model.

“Recently I was called to suture a large perineal tear, and in 3 minutes I could brush up on the techniques on my way to the OR. GynZone helps me in my daily work as an OBGYN consultant”