Sara Kindberg

Founder and CEO. Perineal Care Specialist Midwife at Aarhus University Hospital.

Karl Møller Bek

Founder. Urogynaecologist, PhD and senior consultant.

Trine Karlsen

Sales manager. Midwife, Master of Process Optimization. [email protected] (+45) 5363 6413

Anne-Marie Scherfig

Chief Commercial Officer, MBA. [email protected] (+45) 3036 2911

Katrine Jonasen

Head of tech. MSc. IT, e-learning specialist.

Peggy Seehafer

Workshop instructor and consultant. Midwife, Magister art. (physical) anthropology. Works in Hamburg, Germany

Lone Halkier Egelie

Workshop instructor and consultant Midwife, clinical specialist. Works in Toensberg, Norway

Marieke Crans-Bloks

Workshop instructor, sales consultant in the Netherlands. Midwife specialist [email protected] +31 (0) 6 27 34 96 90‬

Ulla Due

Clinical consultant, Physiotherapist PhD

Tine Senft

Office Manager and secretary.

Arne Kleven

Chairman of the Board of Directors. Headhunter, Kleven & Partners Recruitment.