The team behind

Sara Kindberg

Sara Kindberg

Founder and CEO of GynZone. Perineal Care Specialist Midwife, PhD Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Karl Møller Bek

Karl Møller Bek

Co-founder of GynZone. Urogynecologist, PhD Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Anne-Marie Scherfig

Anne-Mette Scherfig

Chairman of the Board. CEO | B2B | Internationalisation | Commercial Growth

Katrine Jonasen, Head of tech

Katrine Jonasen

Head of Technology. MSc. IT, e-learning specialist

Peggy Seehafer

Workshop instructor in Germany. Midwife, Magister art. (physical) anthropology.

Lone Halkier Egelie, midwife and suturing specialist

Lone Halkier Egelie

Workshop instructor in Norway. Midwife, Clinical perineal care specialist Tønsberg Hospital, Norway

Marieke Crans-Bloks

Marieke Crans-Bloks

Workshop instructor in the Netherlands. Midwife Founder of MCBtrainingen

Marianne Glavind-Kristensen

Marianne Glavind-Kristensen

Workshop Instructor for doctors. Urogynecologist, PhD Aarhus University Hospital

Gennet Herrman, Midwife and workshop instructor

Gennet Herrman

Workshop Instructor in Sweden. Midwife and perineal care specialist Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden

Tine Engberg Damsgaard

Professor, PhD. Consultant Plastic Surgeon Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Ulla Due

Ulla Due

Physiotherapist, PhD Herlev University Hospital, Denmark

Tanja Arnholtz Nielsen, Data intelligence

Tanja Arnholtz Nielsen

Data Manager

Mads Erichsen from Makeable

Mads Erichsen

Member of the Board. CEO & Partner at Makeable

Jonas Rue, graphics wizard and video editor

Jonas Rue

Graphic Design

Katrine Kindberg

Katrine Kindberg

Office Manager