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How does the free trial work?

If you want to try GynZone Pro before committing to an active monthly or annual plan, then you can sign up for a free 7-day trial.
This 7-day trial rolls into an ongoing subscription with a 15€ (+ applicable tax) recurring monthly fee unless you cancel before the trial ends.
Your free trial begins when you first sign up, not when you start taking your first course.
You won’t lose coursework you complete during your free trial when you choose a paid plan. If you chose a paid plan during your free trial, then you won’t be charged any subscription fees until the end of your free trial period.
If you choose annual payment, you save 17%.
Go to sign-up to get started.

Who is eligible for a 7-day free trial?

If you are new to GynZone and have not had a Pro membership before, you can activate your trial with 7 days of full access.

Can I get CEs, CEUs and other points for completed coursework? Yes you can 🙂

 American CEs on GynZone: Our OASI course has been approved for 3.5 CEs by the ACNM, and the Postpartum healing webinar selection for 4.5 CEs

In the EU: All our courses and webinars are approved hour-to-hour by the German Association of Midwives.

Our Perineal Repair courses, Vaginal birth courses, and several webinars are approved hour-to-hour by the KNOV in Holland.

Other than that, it depends on where you practice:

We have not implemented a CEU score on GynZone, BUT each course completed yields a certificate stating the course duration and CE-equivalent. So if the CE-equivalence statement will suffice, you can see the duration of each course in the course overview: https://my.gynzone.com/courses

Until June 2024, we have provided online course content for GOLD online learning.

To get more information on how to claim your CE points, go to this page.

What do I get with a paid account?

Course certificates, quiz certificates and attendee certificates from live events.
Access to all of our online courses and quizzes.
Access through our app: GynZone – for OBGYNs and midwives.

Go to Pricing and plans to learn more.

Why do you ask for my mobile number?

Our platform uses your mobile phone number as your login ID, because it less likely to change than your email address. This way, you can keep your GynZone account throughout your professional life, without losing your certificates, notes, and course progression.

The GynZone platform uses a safe login with a 4-digit text message code, so you never have to remember a password. You’re welcome 🙂

Can I get a license for my entire team?

Sure ? We offer solutions for teams of any size, with VIP admin accounts and extra perks.

Go to Pricing and plans to learn more, or book a meeting with Katrine here: https://gynzone.com/meeting/

Do I have to subscribe for a minimum length of time?

No ? There’s no sneaky small print. You can cancel at any time, and the monthly payments will discontinue. But if you choose annual billing, you save 17%

What are your cancellation conditions for the online courses?

You can cancel your personal pro account at any time, and the monthly payments will discontinue.

If you choose annual billing, you save 17%, and on cancellation, the annual payments will discontinue.

How do I cancel my subscription?

On your Personal account settings, click the “Subscription and billing” tab at the top of the page.

Choose the “Free plan”, and the payments will discontinue.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

On your Personal account settings, click the “Subscription and billing” tab at the top of the page.

Choose the “Pro plan”, and confirm your choice in the pop-up window.

I’ve used the site before, but now I can’t log in. It says there’s already an account with my number?

Make sure you hit the Login button when you are a returning user. You can find it here: https://my.gynzone.com/login.

If you accidentally click the Create Account button, or “Become member” on our home page, the system will try to create a new account for you, and it will get confused because your number is already in use. It’s a bit gnarly. We know. We’re working to improve the design.

Where can I find my personal invoice?

You can download your invoices directly from your GynZone profile, where they are accessible on this page: https://my.gynzone.com/profile/billing

Where can I find the invoice for my Team Pro?

If you are the team VIP, you can download your invoices directly from your GynZone profile, where they are accessible on this page: https://my.gynzone.com/team/billing

Do your models consent to be in your videos?

Yes. All our videos are recorded with the written and oral consent of both the patient and the operator, in collaboration with the hospital.

Terminology: Women and gender-diverse people

In concordance with the terminology used by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), GynZone aspires to use the term “Women and gender diverse people”, INSTEAD OF people/persons, other birthing people in our teaching materials.

We centre the experiences of women in our work and we use “women’s care” in our tagline, while also acknowledging the experiences of trans and non-binary individuals.

For this reason, we refer to women in the majority of cases, and occasionally refer to women and gender-diverse people. It is not necessary to refer to “women and gender diverse people” every time we refer to women.

Please see the ICM Inclusivity Statement in the Respect, inclusion, and diversity section for further reading.

Do you recommend training with gloves?

That depends. When training to suture on medical training models like the ones from Vulva Enterprise, we like to keep the complexity low, and we don’t use gloves.

When we are training perineal protection on a training model that is very sensitive, like the lovely Sophie and Mum, we recommend using gloves.

In hybrid training with training models / stunt vulvas mounted on actual people, we consider it polite to use gloves.

Either way, we urge you to follow local guidelines and instructions from your training model manufacturers. And if in doubt, use gloves 🙂


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