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Responsibility for data processing

GynZone is responsible for any processing of your personal data when you are our customer or use any of our services including our website, newsletter, or social media presence.

Which information do we process, and to what purpose?

In GynZone we respect your privacy. We only process your personal data to the extent necessary for delivering the best possible service to you. Which data we process and how we process it will vary according to the relationship we have with you.

If you purchase something in our webshop
If you are a user or contact person in a Team or Site License
If you participate in a workshop, webinar, or conference
If you sign up for our newsletter
If you use our contact form
If you follow us on social media
If we collect your information with a sales purpose

GynZone’s website

GynZone’s website is hosted by the company Makeable. If you purchase something in our webshop or use some other form at our website, or if you have a user profile for our e-learning system, your information (name, title, mobile number, e-mail) will be registered at the site. Here they will only be accessible for GynZone employees or, in the case of technical support, for Makeable. Transfer of data to Makeable happens according to a data processing agreement. Login codes sent to your mobile phone are handled by Twilio, according to a data processing agreement.


Data entered on our website will automatically be forwarded to our webmail account (G-mail). Here, of course, all e-mails you send directly to us will also appear. The transfer of data happens according to a data processing agreement.

Newsletter service

If you use our online courses or subscribe to our newsletter your data will be transferred to the newsletter service Mailchimp. In connection with workshops and symposiums, we may also use Mailchimp to send you information on the event. Finally, we sometimes use Mailchimp to send information to e-learning users or license VIPs. Transfer of data to Mailchimp happens according to a data processing agreement.

Bookkeeping system

Information entered in the webshop purchase form will automatically be forwarded to our bookkeeping system e-conomic. Here we also register your personal data if you are the contact person for a manual purchase. Transfer of data to e-conomic happens according to a data processing agreement.

Other online services

We keep most of our files in Dropbox but also use Google Docs and Evernote for some kind of registering. Here personal data may sometimes be included. Contact persons are registered in Google Contacts and Daylite CRM. Transfer of data to these services happens according to a data processing agreement.

Close collaborators

GynZone collaborates closely with Vulva Enterprise and Hegenberger Retractor, companies that produce and sell medical models and a retractor for use in post partum repairs respectively. Transfer of personal data for customers or potential customers may occur between the three companies. In this data transfer GynZone, Vulva Enterprise and Hegenberg Speculum are joint controllers with mutual responsibility for the data.

External data controllers

Our bookkeeper and accountant have access to customer data as joint controllers.

Storage and erasure of personal data

We will store and erase personal data according to the following principles: Sensitive data and Civil Registration Numbers will only be stored to the extent that is statutory, necessary for keeping a contract or happens according to consent. Ordinary personal data will be kept as long as necessary for the present purpose and then kept or erased according to the following principles: Data of no lasting importance will be erased after processing. If the data is relevant for a contractual obligation it will be kept as long as the contract is valid and for 5 years following its termination. Data which is part of our e-learning or the development of this will be kept as long as it is of importance. We will avoid storing unnecessary personal data. Other personal data will be erased after 1-2 years. Collected personal data will not be used in automated individual decision-making or profiling.


Please contact us if you have any grievances!

If you have a complaint about GynZone’s processing of your personal data, we will do our utmost to solve the problem. You may reach us at [email protected]. We will answer within two workdays.

Complaints to the Data Protection Agency
If you are still discontented you may file a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Contact information

GynZone ApS

Jægergårdsgade 152, 1.
8000 Aarhus C
VAT no: 29813957

Please contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

Version 2.3 of GynZone’s Personal Data Policy. Published on 4 January 2020.


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