Data processing for workshops, webinars, and conferences

These conditions cover open workshops or conferences purchased by an individual professional or student. For institutions signing up for local workshops please see our workshop agreement.

To see our principles for processing personal data, please see GynZone’s Personal Data Policy.


When you or your employer signs you up for a workshop or a symposium we will treat your personal data with the purpose of:
delivering tuition accommodated to the needs of all participants (e.g. different professions)
informing the participant on practicalities such as time and place for the workshop
enabling the participants to prepare for the workshop by going through the relevant e-learning

Legal basis
We process your personal data in order to keep the purchase agreement. In some cases, we may send e-mails with additional information to what is strictly relevant for the workshop. This will be based on our legal interest in giving our customers the best service and, if relevant, informing them of other events.

Which data are processed?

If you sign up in our webshop
When you personally sign up for workshops or other events in our webshop, you decide which data you give us. As a minimum, we will need your name, e-mail address, and country. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase, and if the purchase gives access to e-learning, you will also receive an e-mail with a login link.

See Webshop purchases for further information.

If you are signed up by your employer or place of study
When we get your enrollment through a third party, they will send us your name, your e-mail-address, and maybe information on your job title, ward or class.

E-mails to participants in workshops and symposiums
1-2 weeks before the event you will receive an e-mail with practical info and (in some cases) info on the e-learning curriculum. If you are enrolled by your employer or place of study this e-mail will also inform you that we are processing your data.

In some cases, we may send a thank-you-e-mail after the event, and in the case of symposiums, we may send a number of e-mails/newsletters leading up to the event. These may inform you of e.g. workshops held in connection to the symposium.

Video recordings

Conferences and webinars may be recorded and shared on our website as part of the teaching material. This can include webcam footage, chat windows, and Q&A with keynote speakers and other participants.