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Learn how to diagnose, anaesthetise and repair birth lacerations from 1st to 4th degree

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Sara and Karl

Perineal repair

Learn how to diagnose, anaesthetise and repair birth lacerations. All procedures are demonstrated with animations, medical models and live surgery videos. 200+ videos

Surgical skills training

Surgical skills

Learn how to suture. Wound healing, safe surgery, suture material, knots, stitches, continous sutures. 45+ video tutorials and exercises

Waterbirth love


Your introduction to the use of water for pain relief and birth. Work environment, safety and well-being of mother and baby. Photos, clinical tips and birth videos. 40+ videos

The hall smiles

Conference Keynote videos

Our 2019 conference about Perineal Care During Childbirth on November 14th was one of our best yet. The keynote recordings and handouts are now online as an extra treat for all pro users

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