General conditions for the booking of Workshops provided by GynZone ApS

These conditions cover workshops ordered by an institution. For individuals signing up for workshops though GynZone’s webshop, please see General conditions for Workshops sold through GynZone’s webshop.
To see our principles for processing personal data, please see GynZone’s Personal Data Policy.


These general conditions (henceforth “Conditions”) apply to the holding of workshops and lectures (henceforth “Workshops”) offered and provided to any customer (henceforth “Customer”) of GynZone ApS, CVR No.: 29 81 39 57 Jaegergaardsgade 152, 1st floor, 8000 Aarhus C (henceforth “GynZone”) at a Customer’s workplace, place of study or other agreed place.

The conditions apply regardless of the Customer’s additional and/or conflict-ing conditions stated in bookings or other communication from the Customer. Provisions that deviate from or supplement the Conditions are only valid to the extent that GynZone expressly accepts such provisions in writing.


A booking for a Workshop made by the Customer must at least contain the overall subject, the number of participants and the place and time of when the Workshop will be held. A booking is not binding for GynZone before GynZone’s written acceptance of the booking.

The Customer is entitled to express their preferences regarding the content of the Workshop up to 14 days before the Workshop is held. GynZone is not obliged to take into account or withdraw such customer requirements within the Workshop, but will as far as possible try to take them into account, in so far as the desired content is within the overall agreed subject for the Workshop.

Similarly, the Customer has up to 14 days prior to the Workshop being held to submit their wishes for an increased number of participants. GynZone will comply with such requests if it is possible to provide instructors and course material for the additional participants. Unless previously agreed in a separate agreement to this effect, it does not affect the price of the Workshop cf. item 3.2 and 3.4, that the number of participants is decreased after GynZone’s acceptance of the Customer’s booking.

If there are more participants than agreed when the Workshop is held, the instructor is entitled to dismiss the excess number of participants. The extra participants can be accommodated in the Workshop if, in the instructor’s opinion, it is possible to conduct the Workshop with the increased number of participants without the quality of the teaching being affected. In this case, the Customer will be charged a supplement for the extra number of participants (cf. item 3.3).


All prices stated by GynZone are exclusive of VAT (local tax) unless otherwise agreed between GynZone and the Customer. Costs for transport, catering, accommodation and other external costs are stated separately on the invoice.

The number of participants attending the Workshop determines the price of the Workshop. Any necessary expenses for transportation, meals and accommodation are added to this.

In the event that the instructor, on the day of the workshop, accepts an increased number of participants (cf. item 2.4), a surcharge, calculated proportionally according to the number of additional participants, will be added to the invoice. If the Customer has already paid for the Workshop, GynZone will send an extra invoice for the additional number of participants.

The Customer is not entitled to a discount if the actual number of participants is less than originally agreed.

Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice for the Workshop will be sent immediately after the order has been placed and the date(s) are booked. Payment must be made within 30 days of the date on the invoice.

If there is a delay in the Customer’s payment for the Workshop, a default interest of 2 (two)% of the amount due will be added at the start of each month until full payment has been made by the Customer.

Any complaints made by the Customer will not entitle the Customer to withhold payment for the Workshop.


GynZone cannot in any way be held liable for the Customer’s dissatisfaction with a Workshop held or the cancellation of a Workshop, which has occurred in accordance with item 6 below.

GynZone’s liability for Workshops, including as a result of cancellations, is in all cases limited to the invoice price for the Workshop in question.



The Customer is freely entitled to cancel a Workshop up to and including 3 months before the Workshop is to be held. After this time, the Customer must pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the Workshop. In cases of cancellation or cancellation of registration 14 days or later before the Workshop is to be held, the Customer must pay 100% of the price for the Workshop.


In the case of an instructor’s absence due to illness or similar, GynZone will do its utmost to make sure that the Workshop is still held by using another instructor who is also qualified to hold the Workshop.

If a Workshop cannot be held due to the absence of an instructor, GynZone is obliged to repay the full payment from the Customer for the Workshop within 7 days thereafter. The Customer cannot claim damages or other compensation if the Workshop does not take place (cf. also item 4).


All intellectual property and other rights, including but not limited to copyright, know-how, designs, and trademarks developed by GynZone, including in connection with Workshops and all material related to Workshops, are the exclusive property of GynZone at all times.
The Customer is granted a permanent right of use of hand-outs relating to the holding of the Workshop, by the Customer’s payment of the full price for the Workshop.


The Conditions are subject to Danish law, excluding CISG and the Danish rule of private international laws if these would lead to the use of the law of another country’s laws other than that of Danish laws.
Any dispute between GynZone and the Customer shall be settled by the Danish courts and in the first instance by the Aarhus City Court.

These terms are version 1.1, dated March 19th 2020.