Webshop purchases

What happens to your personal data?

During a web shop purchase, you will be asked to enter the personal data necessary for completing the purchase of the product in question. The product will usually fall into the categories e-learning, participation in a workshop or other events, or physical products such as illustrations.

Legal basis

In web shop purchases, we process your data in order to keep the purchase agreement.

Which data are processed?

Which data we need to process will vary according to the type of product.
In addition to the strictly necessary and obligatory data, you can choose to add more data which will help us deliver a better service.

Obligatory data for all purchases:

  • Name: is necessary to identify your purchase
  • E-mail: We need your e-mail address in order to send you the invoice and order confirmation, plus an activation e-mail if your purchase involves e-learning access.
  • Country: Must be stated so we can report your purchase correctly to the tax authorities.

Address for postal deliveries

If you purchase a product to be delivered by post, we will need your postal address.
For other types of purchases, you do not need to enter your address.

Data which will enable a better service

  • Title/job function: If we know your professional status, we may be able to target our service better to your needs. This is especially relevant for workshops. If you participate in our symposiums you will get a name tag on which we usually state title or job function.
  • Workplace or educational institution: This information may also be used to make a workshop more relevant, and it will also be stated in symposium name tags. Informing us about your place of work could also help the institution get special offers, discounts or gifts for hospitals and medical faculties with widespread use of GynZone’s services.
  • Phone number: If you enter this information we can more easily get a hold on you if the need comes up. This may, for example, mean that you get your goods earlier if we lack delivery information.

Signing up for workshops and symposiums

For more information on this topic, please go to Workshops and symposiums.