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GynZones panel of clinical experts host regular webinars and share the latest knowledge from their field of expertise.
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GynZone Live proudly presents

Li Thies-Lagergren

Midwife PhD

Birth positions and risk of tears

Peggy Seehafer

Midwife and Anthropologist

Peggy has 30 years of experience in suturing and evaluating healing in the perineum after vaginal births.

Nicola Adanna Okeahialam

Urogynaecology Clinical Research Fellow, Croydon University Hospital, UK

Susanne Axelsen

Urogynecologist PhD

Urinary incontinence during pregnancy and after birth: How do we help women best?

Dianne Garland


Research supporting waterbirth

Karl Møller Bek

Urogynecologist PhD

40 years’ experience in anal sphincter reconstruction. The story of early secondary repair of 3rd and 4th degree tears at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark

Malin Edqvist

Researcher, Senior Midwife, PhD

Reducing severe perineal trauma: The effect of two midwives during the second stage of labour

Tine Engberg Damsgaard

Professor, consultant plastic surgeon

Reconstructive surgeries in the vulva and perineum

Ulla Due

Physiotherapist PhD

Recovering from major perineal trauma: The physiotherapist’s tips and tricks

Marianne Glavind-Kristensen

Urogynecologist PhD and senior consultant

Suturing of injuries to the anal sphincter: practice and current evidence

Ditte Gommesen

Midwife PhD

Vaginal Birth and Perineal Trauma: Risk for incontinence 12 months after birth.

Hilary Schlinger

CNM, CPM (ret), MS, RN, researcher, instructor, and midwifery program director

Hilary will share her experiences and clinical tips from 29 years of practice, attending approximately 1000 home and birth center births.

Hanna Jangö

Consultant Obstetrician

Birth after previous OASI

Sara Kindberg

Midwife PhD

Are you comfortable with your stitches? Screening all mothers after vaginal birth: healing and assessment of primary perineal repair outcomes

Amalie Sofie Kolbæk


The birth pool as a work station and a medical device. Development and clinical use of Fjordblink Birth Pools

Anne Mette Tonning


Experiences with birth of the placenta in water

Hanna Ulfsdottir

Midwife PhD

Women’s experiences of water birth compared with conventional uncomplicated births.

Sophia Brismar Wendel

Researcher and senior consultant

Lateral Episiotomy or Not in Vacuum Assisted Delivery in Non-parous Women (EVA), Presentation of the on-going randomized trial in Sweden

Jannik Skriver Jensen

Intensive Care Nurse and International Sales Manager at Medclair AB

Nitrous Oxide for pain relief during labour and post partum repairs

Åsa Henning Waldum

Research Midwife

Intrapartum pudendal nerve block and childbirth experience in primiparous women