AQNML: Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Conference

Come meet us at this years AQNML: Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Conference

Come meet us in the conference exhibition in Brisbane

GynZone is back in Australia for most of May 2024, and again in September. Should we take the opportunity to meet?

We are bringing GynZone’s new online courses and a marvelous selection of the latest perineal repair training models from Vulva Enterprise 🎉

We will be attending these conferences:

  • May 3 – 4, the ACM State Branch Conference, Queensland, Toowoomba. We are offering a pre-congress Perineal Repair Workshop in collaboration with the ACM.
  • May 8th, AQNML Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Conference, Brisbane
  • May 24 – 25, the ACM State Branch Conference, NSW, Kiama.
  • September 10 – 12, the ACM National Conference, Melbourne. We will also offer pre- and post-congress Perineal Repair Workshops

We are so happy that our Australian colleagues are embracing and joining our mission to make midwifery students, midwives, and doctors happy and confident in the task of undertaking perineal repair. We have hospitals and midwifery educations joining our GynZone community, using our evidence-based e-learning and booking us for in-house suturing workshops.

If you would like to hear more about our education and skills training possibilities, feel free to book a no-strings-attached meeting at your convenience here:

We would love to book a meeting and come visit you at your institution when we are in your area, and learn more about how you teach skills to your students and colleagues.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully meeting you in Australia.
Sara Kindberg, Midwife PhD, CEO

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