December 2nd, 2020

GynZone Live proudly presents:
Sara Kindberg, Midwife PhD

Are you comfortable with your stitches? Screening all mothers after vaginal birth: healing and assessment of primary perineal repair outcomes

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Meet our GynZone Live Expert: Midwife PhD Sara Kindberg

Early secondary perineal repair within the first weeks postpartum.
Experiences from a midwifery-led pelvic floor clinic at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.

December 2nd, 2020

Danish presentation: 14 pm GMT+1 CPH time
English presentation: 16 pm GMT+1 CPH time

Exclusive online webinar, allowing a limited number of attendees.
Seats are reserved for GynZone members with a license to e-learning at

Attend this 30 minutes presentation and join the discussion for another 30 minutes.

95% of all first-time mothers require surgical repair of trauma to the vulva, vagina, perineal tissue, or muscles in the pelvic floor.

All women giving birth at Aarhus University Hospital have an offer of postnatal screening of the outcome of their perineal repair.
This screening is carried out during a routine visit 2-3 days after birth along with a neonatal hearing test and breastfeeding support.

Sara Kindberg will present:

  • This is how we see that the primary diagnosis and repair was sufficient
  • Watch photos showing infections and suture break down
  • Experience on how to give feedback to midwives and doctors about their suturing skills
  • Mothers and fathers: what do they think about screening for surgical outcomes / checking the stitches?
  • Offering early secondary repair, 300 cases since 2013