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Enterprise Licence

For hospitals, clinics and educational institutions, we offer multiuser licenses with volume discounts for a fixed numbers of seats.

  • Enterprise licenses start at 25 seats, with volume discounts above 50 seats. Contact us to learn more.
  • Annual payment (Invoice directly to the institution).
  • For smaller teams or a shorter license period, you should look into our Team Pro plan (link til Team Pro licenses)

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Team Pro Licence

For hospitals, clinics and educational institutions, we offer multiuser licenses with volume discounts. The Team Pro plan is our Pay-as-you-go solution. You can have any number of seats, and adjust the seat count to meet your needs at any given time.

  • Monthly or annual payment (Credit card)

How to proceed: Create a team subscription

We suggest you name the Team something that will make sense for the team members, like the name of your workplace.

As the team creator, you will have the admin access to the team – we call that being the team VIP (Very Important Person)

  • Once the team is created, follow these steps to invite the staff members:
  • Click the “Subscription” tab at the top of the page
  • Choose the Pro plan, with monthly or annual billing (annual billing gives you a 17% discount)
  • Choose how many seats you want (You take up one seat as the VIP, so for you and 15 colleagues, you would need 16 seats)

Enter your billing information. It takes a moment for the subscription to update on GynZone

Personal Pro Licence

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Monthly or annual payment (Credit card)

How to proceed:

CE’s CEU’s and other accreditation

  • Our OASI course has been approved for 3.5 CEs by the ACNM, and the Postpartum healing webinar selection for 4.5 CEs.
  • All our courses are approved hour-to-hour by the German Association of Midwives.
  • Our Perineal Repair courses are approved hour-to-hour by the KNOV in Holland.
  • Our courses about Waterbirth and Vaginal birth are available through GOLD Learning for a total of 9,5 CEs. You can find more info about the GOLD / GynZone packages here

A CEU is 10 hours worth of continuing education. The term is not trademarked and can be used by any organisation. We have not implemented a CEU score on GynZone, BUT each completed course yields a certificate stating the course duration and CE-equivalent. So if the CE-equivalence statement will suffice, you can see the duration of each course in the course overview: https://my.gynzone.com/courses

Suture training models

Never the first time on a patient

In GynZone, we are great fans of simulation training and the many benefit that it offers for students and professionals. We host hands-on workshops for about 1000 clinicians every year, from students to post graduate levels.

Simulation training models should be affordable, durable, and accessible: quick and easy to set up and use.

In GynZone’s suture workshops, we use training models from our sister company Vulva Enterprise.

In a more premium price-range, the new midline repair trainer and mediolateral repair trainers from Limbs&Things are very nice to work with